PRO® System

PRO SystemThe Trophy staff's fanaticism with quality and cost has spawned a new innovative design and sourcing program called the PRO System, elevating company wide cross functional cooperation to a new level benefitting the customer with high quality yet low cost boating.

What is the PRO System? It is a system developed by US Marine and Brunswick to provide the customer with the best products at the best quality and price. This system was developed to provide a process that allows Trophy a continued leadership position as a boat manufacturer. There are three components that make up the PRO System; they are Process, Resource, and Optimization.


We have developed a process in which design, engineering and purchasing "team-up" with vendors who have passed the stringent quality standards to design and build components and finished product. The advantage to the customer is that Trophy is able to substantially increase the expertise needd to provide innovative products at the best possible price - taking all the unnecessary cost out of boating. Unlike other manufacturers who allow design and engineering to dictate to purchasing, often times resulting in a solution at a high cost that is passed on to the customer or because of the high cost, industry standard is employed instead of innovation.


US Marine searches the world for the best suppliers manufacturing the best products at the best price. This Global Sourcing process is guided by the stringent guidelines set by the Six Sigma Purchasing process - assuring every part and component from fiberglass to snaps are top quality, name brand components including, windshield systems, stainless steel railings, electrical systems, upholstery, carpeting, custom canvas and quality hardware. Global Sourcing has allowed US Marine to provide our customers with high quality products at the best possible price.


The cornerstone to the optimization process is Global Manufacturing, which allows US Marine to relentlessly pursue the best cost and process to manufacture our products in the most efficient production environments. Borders do not limit this pursuit since we have a world-class quality system that is in place in all of our manufacturing facilities. This world-class quality system provides a process to inspect and correct any deficiencies during the production process and integrate the corrections not only in the plant, but corporate wide. This quality system is further supported by our design and engineering process that integrates technology with creativity for uniformly manufacturer tooling and components.